Audio & Music Production

From podcasts and radio adverts to full music albums, scoring and arrangement to recording and post-production, trust our skilled audio engineers and musicians to deliver a masterpiece. Lupo Creative can handle a huge range of audio projects using our flexible and fully mobile ProTools studio environment.


Everything under one roof

When we say that we offer a full audio/music service, we mean it.  From pre-production through to post-production, we have the resources to deliver professional results within your timescale and budget.  Audio editing, music production, composition of original scores, arrangements, voiceovers - we do it all!

...And it doesn't cost a bomb

At least it shouldn't do.  Adding multimedia elements to your projects and advertising, making your customer's whole experience of dealing with you more engaging should not be restricted to huge corporates with accordingly huge marketing budgets.

The 'digital revolution' was supposed to bring increased access for all, enhanced quality and improved workflow resulting in lower costs.  It was supposed to bring multimedia production within the reach of smaller companies, even sole traders.  Many studios still charge exorbitant fees whilst their overheads have taken unprecedented nose dives, having moved over to digital production.  It's nothing short of scandalous.  Lupo Creative are committed to pricing what are usually over-priced services within the grasp of smaller companies.

Contact us for a competitive fixed rate quote before you even think about signing per-hour contracts with another studio!

Flexible recording environments

We work closely with session musicians all over the world and have the ability to move part or all of our recording environment to the location of your choice.  We also have working relationships with some of the best equipment rental companies in the business, meaning we are both fast and flexible.  If we don't have all the necessary equipment in-house, we can have it sent to us for as long as it is needed.  Whether you need a soloist, small band or full-sized orchestra recorded, we've got it covered.

Commissioning original material

Sometimes you just need that extra bit of sparkle to captivate your audience.  You have come to the conclusion that your film, advert, website, etc. could be made more engaging with the addition of an original score.  Lupo Creative has in-house composers, arrangers and engineers and working links to musicians across the UK and further afield.