Content Sourcing, Creation & Editing

From stock and original photography to RSS news feeds for your website, copywriting and proofing to library music and video – trust Lupo Creative to take the hard work out of sourcing, creating and editing content and media for your project.


Efficient and appropriate

Whether you are adding a dynamic news feed to your website or photographic content to a brochure, it needs to be relevant and concise. We will ensure your marketing hits the mark and conveys the message with clarity.

Whatever the brief

Whether it is textual, photographic, graphic or multimedia content, whether you decide to use library or original content, we are confident we can provide the correct media for your project.

Sourcing images

There are literally hundreds of image libraries out there, and probably billions of images to select from.  Although you may not wish to spend hours trawling through these libraries yourself, it always shows when extra care and attention has been taken in sourcing appropriate images.  Let us cut through the inappropriate 99.9% and present the remaining images to you.  We know where to start looking.  We already have image libraries at our fingertips.  Turn a task that could take you days into something we could complete within hours.

Letting us do the legwork in this area means it is us that has to worry about correct media formats, not you.  There's just too much to worry about, what with correct file formats, resolutions, colour modes, compatibility, scalability...  Overseeing the entire process, we can ensure that the images we select in the first place can ultimately be printed by the chosen printer without any glitches or delays.

Original artwork

If you agree with our principles that companies should strive to be original wherever possible, you will understand what we mean when we say that sometimes, only specially commissioned artwork will do.  We have worked with many photographers and artists specialising in various techniques and mediums.  When a library image simply won't do, we will discuss your specific requirements with you then return with sample images for your approval.  Where an external photographer or artist's services are required, we will manage their sessions ourselves, leaving you to focus on more important things.