Graphic Design for Print

Whether you are looking to have standard business consumables produced, glossy brochures, exhibition materials, signage, or a whole new brand created, we can handle all your print design requirements.

Our graphics work can be found everywhere.  From the business cards that are handed out by our clients, to the signs that adorn the sides of their buildings.  Adverts in publications ranging from specialist periodicals through to daily newspapers with distribution figures in the millions.  We know all about print and work with some of the best production partners in the industry – always with spectacular results.


Clear, fresh and appropriate design

At Lupo Creative we go out of our way to understand your brand, understand your company's values, attitudes and approach, and understand your market.  Every single company, no matter how large or small, has their own way of dealing with its customers.  Some companies prefer talking to their clients on a very professional basis, whilst other companies like talking to their customers as if they were their best friend.  Neither way is better than the other; one will always be appropriate for your company.  It usually has a lot to do with your market, but it can also be influenced by the kinds of services you offer, and whether the company is entrepreneurial, ground-breaking or delivering time-honoured, trusted products.

The only thing more important than your company's message itself is the way it is delivered.  We get to know the ins and outs of your market so that we can offer you 'design with a difference'.

Staying within your brand

As most of our designers have previously worked as in-house designers for large corporations, they understand the importance of keeping within already-defined brands and identities.  When you have spent a lot of time and money specifying design standards for a clear, enduring brand, all of your designed materials should always follow these guidelines closely.

When we are working within a corporate identity, we will ask for any printed guidelines and examples of existing materials.  If we will be helping you launch a specific campaign with a dedicated sub-brand, we will discuss your requirements in length so that we're both working on the same wavelength. 

If we weren't to take such care in ensuring the integrity of your brand, it simply means more work for us once you have told us you don't like the first proofs and a delay in getting you the finished article.  It would result in an unhappy customer, and funnily enough we have no desire to make any of our customers unhappy!

Taking care of everything

We understand that larger companies frequently have preferred printers, companies that they have been dealing with for years.  But some large companies as well as smaller companies are frequently at a loss when it comes to selecting a printer.

We are very lucky to have some really superb, large printing companies in the local area, printers we are proud to work with.  Whether we are working with your preferred printer or our own, we can see the whole project through from beginning to end. 

Here's how the whole process works... 

We will initially meet up with you to get a complete idea of what you are after.  We will then report back to you with an exact cost for our work and an estimate on the printing costs. 

Once we are given the go-ahead to commence work, we will discuss the whole project with you in more detail, including your design preferences, printing preferences and talk about any unusual materials you may wish to print onto or use in the final presentation.  We will then submit our own proofs to you. 

Only once you are happy will we then get costings in from at least three different printing companies.  We will discuss different paper stocks (or other more unconventional materials) with the printer and report back to you about the effect this has on costs.

Once you have decided which printing option and company to go with, we will liaise with the printer ourselves.  We have to ensure that the printers have all the required files, in the correct formats, in the correct resolutions, using the correct colour systems, etc.  Trust us, it can be a complete headache, dealing with printers, something which you shouldn't have to deal with.  This whole part of the process will be something you won't even have to think about.

We will get final proofs back from the printers at this stage, and we'll send them onto you for your approval.  Once you have informed us that everything is fine with the proofs, the next thing you will hear from us is that your items are completed and that we'll be arranging delivery.

Lupo Creative offers you a total graphic design service.  Design and print can be complicated, so let the experts take care of everything from the initial briefing right through to delivery of the finished article.